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First, open the shell of the equipment, then turn on the fan, turn off the power supply of the equipment, and blow the fan with the air gun 2 CM away from the fan; then wipe the dirt on the fan blade with industrial alcohol, then tilt the fuselage to adjust the clearance position, and then blow out the dust in the equipment with the air gun. From the front of the equipment to the back of the equipment, it needs to be cleaned and rotated repeatedly until it is clean.

2. The wind speed of AC fans is determined by many factors. The most important two reasons are the bearings of AC fans.

2.1. Ball bearings: Long-term oxidation of air ions on bearings and accumulation of dirt and dust will lead to an increase in friction resistance of bearings and a gradual decrease in the speed of fans.

2.2. Oily bearing: The AC fan with oil bearing mainly depends on the friction between stator and coil. The oil in the bearing decreases gradually with the use of fan and the constant work and time consumption, resulting in the wind speed becoming slower and slower when the fan is used.

3. The life of fans varies according to different operating environments, assuming that they work in a standard environment.

3.1. The service life of the general AC oil-bearing fan is 25,000 hours. Because of the repeated rotation of its bearings, wear and tear will shorten the service life, and the service life of high-quality manufacturers will reach 30,000-35,000 hours.

3.2. Equipment should be clean and clean at least once a month. The air inlet network should be kept clean to prevent blocking air flow. It can be cleaned with a soft brush or compressed air.